It’s all about the people

Everyone deserves a fair life, a fair trade and everyone wants chocolate on planet Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate for crying out loud!

When you’re working with chocolate you have a great responsibility in making sure that it benefits  not just yourself but also the farmers, villages and the environment.
The Cocoa Horizons Foundation helps to create thriving communities and productivity.
Thriving communities by providing financial options, medical facilities, education, safe drinking water and many other advantages.
We support productivity by training farmers and enabling them to grow cocoa sustainably and responsibly to make sure they get the best and most out of the crops and not ruining their future harvest or the environment.

cocoa beans

Get chocolate – support farmers

All the chocolate we process benefits all the farmers, families and cocoa crops and as an extra add on we also support our own project within the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.
Every time you buy a Simply Chocolate product you support the farmers, the villages and the environment.
Responsible chocolate just tastes better – well, of course also because of the incredibly great ingredients that we use.
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