Simply chocolate is truly simple.

An old city, with a new chocolate

Simply Chocolate is based in Copenhagen. Up here it’s too cold to grow cocoa beans. But it´s hot enough to have a love affair with great chocolate. Copenhagen is a very old city with a highly vibrating pulse and plenty of room to nurture a new kind of chocolate. Since we began in 2011, a lot of people have shared our desire. Not just for what we do, but apparently also for how we do it. We appreciate that.

And how do we do it? Well, we just add a bit of new to the traditional, and there you have the best of both. New Nordic urban gourmet chocolate in a beautiful marriage with old production traditions for handmade goodies. In a historic setting even.

This is as good as it gets!


The best from nature, we just take the credit

Well, we’re named Simply Chocolate, so it’s not that complicated. We create chocolate that tastes good. We wanted to make a product that not only your mouth but also your body would love and therefore we are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We don’t use laquer, artificial colourings or additives in our chocolate. Life is too short for that. On the other hand, we didn’t want to make boring, plain chocolate.

With that in mind and in order to become the most modern, cool and tasty chocolate brand in Scandinavia (now in Europe) we are continuously working to develop and discover any opportunity for great taste within the headline of only natural ingredients.

We use quite a lot of time learning about our ingredients and how they were born and grown. We believe you can taste the love and care we and our suppliers put into the ingredients. Chocolate is for many a guilty pleasure but with no artificials we think Simply Chocolate is a little-less-guilty pleasure.


Back-to-basics, with a twist of humour

At Simply Chocolate, we believe that true chocolate love takes a hint of something new and a twist of humour. We enjoy making fun events and using statements that put smiles on people´s faces.

However, the basics will never be compromised. The quality and the taste of the chocolates must be of absolute superiority, and the ingredients all natural. Always. To underpin that, all of our chocolates are hand-made by our experienced chocolatiers.

Humour and genuine craftsmanship in one. It´s state of the art.

We know who are the happiest employees in the world.

Head of sale and marketing

Lars Knudsen

Head of Sales


Chocolate crush: Rich Arnold. The absolut best protein bar in the world and it’s 100% natural.

PR manager

Anna Ellegaard Buch

PR and Marketing Manager


Chocolate crush: Fresh Freddie. I am a sucker for the combination of mint and chocolate. And the crunchy spelt inside is SO good!


Jesper Rahbek

Head of Production & Development


Chocolate crush: Dark Marci. In my opinion, “Simply” the best marcipan-bar in the world!….and during my life with chocolate developing, I will say that, I have made and tasted enough to say that!

Export Manager

Christine Tangdal

Export Manager


Chocolate crush: Rich Arnold. Arnold is my un-guilty guilty pleasure. He is unbelievably delicious and half the amount of calories as other chocolate bars (so I can eat twice as much – hallelujah!)


Michael Suse

Supply & Demand Planner


Chocolate crush: Crispy Carrie. Best bar ever made!


Nis Klamer

Graphic Designer


Chocolate crush: Crispy Carrie. The all time best caramel bar on the market!

Production manager

Karina Olsson

Teamleader Production

Chocolate crush: Grainy Billy. Coconut and chocolate is a match made in heaven and the mixed in cranberries makes it really pretty to look at as well.


Kenneth Egsgaard

Head of Finance

Chocolate crush: Grainy Billy. Whenever I’m in a mood for chocolate (which happens quite often), I always go for Grainy Billy – coconut, cranberries and dark chocolate is just the perfect combination!


Niels Østenkær


Chocolate crush: Salty Fred and Speedy Tom. Sunday on the couch with a cup of coffee Salty Fred is my favorite. On a busy Monday, Speedy Tom is my best friend

Coordinator for Shops and Marketing

Maren Collin Røssberg

Retail Manager


Chocolate crush: Salty Fred. The combination between the rich, dark chocolate and the salty pieces of roasted almonds makes my day, any day!


Pau Holmquist Cavling

Key Account Manager


Chocolate crush: Fresh Freddie. If I want a positive and fresh day then I enjoy the green fresh Freddie. The taste of summer comes through the coconut and mint. The delicious, saturated feeling comes from the spelt and oatmeal. A dark chocolate binds it all together. 

Key account Manager

Henrik Valentin-Hjorth

Key Account Manager


Chocolate crush: Grainy Sue. Caramel, peanuts and dark chocolate. What’s not to like?

Business controller

Morten Ramsgaard

Business Controller


Chocolate crush: Dark Marci. I simply love the combination of dark chocolate and the sweet marzipan with a little bite to it.


Christian Hasselsteen

Accounting assistent


Chocolate crush: Speedy Tom. Speedy Tom, when the wind is strong on my bike ride home, I call forth the power of Tom to carry me home

Category Manager

Kristian Bøgelund Hansen

Operational and Commercial Manager


Chocolate crush: Persian Perry. I could easily replace every meal with chocolate. I like to eat varied and I would never have the same bar for lunch as I had for breakfast. If I am forced to choose a favorite bar, it would be Persian Perry.

Quality manager

Karima Hornstrup

Quality Manager


Chocolate crush: Fresh Freddie. Freddie combines some of my favorite flavors in a chocolate bar: Super fresh mint and dark chocolate with depth. The green wrapping is an extra bonus cause it´s just so pretty!