Simply chocolate is truly simple.


‘All Natural’ is using the best of bests and not a lab with powders and liquids that no one can pronounce the names of. We are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We only use the best nature has to offer – we just take credit for it.

Taste and quality is everything. Always. We use quite a lot of time browsing for great ingredients and interesting flavors and we will go far for new innovative takes on that but we would never compromise on great taste. Maybe spirulina is new and modern but if it doesn’t taste great we would never go down that road just because it’s ‘cool’. We need the spelt flakes with the right crunch, we have our own recipe for marzipan and our caramel is made from honey, sugar and butter – that’s it. And we know it works.

Our ingredients are – of course – extremely important to us but ‘all natural’ also means being aware of how we make chocolate and the responsibility that follows.

‘All natural’ is to keep 100% track of what goes into the chocolate that carries our name and to make sure it is produced and traded in a fair, respectful way. Even though Simply Chocolate is a true Copenhagen-based company, our responsibilities go far beyond Denmark’s borders. All the way to Africa and The Ivory Coast where the cocoa for our chocolate grows. This is why we’re part of Cocoa Horizons, a non-profit organization working to ensure that the cocoa farmers, their families and the local communities surrounding the cocoa fields thrive and have the opportunity to better their lives. As well as making sure that no illegal child labour was part of the production.

We evaluate every supplier thoroughly on CSR, child labour and documentation, quality, innovation, price, delivery and reachability. This enables us to keep 100% track of our ingredients.

Last but not least ‘All Natural’ means being aware of how we do things at our offices and factory in Copenhagen. For instance, we have our very own solar panel system that makes us 100% energy self-sufficient when the sun shines, ensuring we can produce chocolate with zero CO2 emissions. We are waste sorting and we picked Intelligent LED lighting that is adapting to daylight.

All because we care.

An old city, with a new chocolate

Simply Chocolate is based in Copenhagen. Up here it’s too cold to grow cocoa beans. But it´s hot enough to have a love affair with great chocolate. Copenhagen is a very old city with a highly vibrating pulse and plenty of room to nurture a new kind of chocolate. Since we began in 2011, a lot of people have shared our desire. Not just for what we do, but apparently also for how we do it. We appreciate that.

And how do we do it? Well, we just add a bit of new to the traditional, and there you have the best of both. New Nordic urban gourmet chocolate in a beautiful marriage with old production traditions for handmade goodies. In a historic setting even.

This is as good as it gets!


Back-to-basics, with a twist of humour

At Simply Chocolate, we believe that true chocolate love takes a hint of something new and a twist of humour. We enjoy making fun events and using statements that put smiles on people´s faces.

However, the basics will never be compromised. The quality and the taste of the chocolates must be of absolute superiority, and the ingredients all natural. Always. To underpin that, all of our chocolates are hand-made by our experienced chocolatiers.

Humour and genuine craftsmanship in one. It´s state of the art.

We know who are the happiest employees in the world.

Head of sale and marketing

Lars Knudsen

Head of Sales

Chocolate crush: Rich Arnold. The absolut best protein bar in the World and it’s 100% natural. What’s not to love?

PR manager

Anna Ellegaard Buch

CSR & PR/Communication Manager

Chocolate crush: Fresh Freddie. I am a sucker for the combination of mint dark and chocolate. And the crunchy spelt inside is SO good!


Birgitte Gosvig Hansen

Sales Coordinator

Chocolate crush: Crispy Carrie. She is my favorite girl, sweet with a hint of salt. Fantastic with a cup of coffee!


Lars Fink Rasmussen

Brand Manager

Chocolate crush: All of them!. Our chocolate bars are not just chocolate bars – they are personalities wrapped in beautiful colored foil … and I just love them all!

Export Manager

Christine Tangdal

Export Manager

Chocolate crush: Rich Arnold. Arnold is my un-guilty guilty pleasure. He is unbelievably delicious and half the amount of calories as other chocolate bars (so I can eat twice as much – hallelujah!)


Jesper Rahbek

Head of Production & Development

Chocolate crush: Dark Marci. In my opinion: simply the best marzipan bar in the World! And through my life with chocolate developing, I have made and tasted quite a lot!


Michael Suse

Supply & Demand Planner

Chocolate crush: Crispy Carrie. Best bar ever made!

Production manager

Karina Olsson

Team Leader Production

Chocolate crush: Grainy Billy. Coconut and chocolate is a match made in heaven and the mixed in cranberries makes it really pretty to look at as well.


Kenneth Egsgaard

Head of Finance

Chocolate crush: Grainy Billy. Whenever I’m in a mood for chocolate (which happens quite often), I always go for Grainy Billy – coconut, cranberries and dark chocolate is just the perfect combination!


Jacob Harbo Olsen

Travel Retail Manager

Chocolate crush: Grainy Billy. Grainy Billy is like no other chocolate bar I have ever tasted. The center of coconut swirled in white chocolate is just so smooth and creamy. Perfect balanced with the rich chocolate and cranberries makes me think of a favorite ice cream from my childhood.


Niels Østenkær


Chocolate crush: Salty Fred and Speedy Tom. Sunday on the couch with a cup of coffee Salty Fred is my favorite. On a busy Monday, Speedy Tom is my best friend.

Coordinator for Shops and Marketing

Maren Collin Røssberg

Retail Manager

Chocolate crush: Salty Fred. The combination of rich dark chocolate and salty pieces of roasted almonds make my day, any day!

Key account Manager

Henrik Valentin-Hjorth

Key Account Manager

Chocolate crush: Grainy Sue. Caramel, peanuts and dark chocolate. Need I say more?


Christian Hasselsteen

Accounting assistent

Chocolate crush: Speedy Tom. When the wind is strong on my bike ride home, I call forth the power of Tom to carry me home.

Quality manager

Karima Hornstrup

Quality Manager

Chocolate crush: Fresh Freddie. Freddie combines some of my favorite flavors in a chocolate bar: Super fresh mint and dark chocolate with depth. The green wrapping is an extra bonus cause it´s just so pretty!

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