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At Simply Chocolate, the sun is our best friend

Usually the sun is one of chocolate’s worst enemies as both sunlight and the heat from the rays destroys chocolate. But at Simply Chocolate the two are actually best friends, as we have had our very own solar panel system installed on our roof. This makes us 100% energy self-sufficient when the sun shines.

Sunrays are necessary to make cocoa plants grow and now they’re necessary for us to produce our chocolate without emitting CO2 as well. A healthy climate is a must for us to keep growing great cocoa beans and this makes it natural for us to identify ways to make our production more sustainable.

Self-sufficient when the sun shines
That’s why we have just plugged in our new solar panel system on the roof of our factory in Copenhagen. The system is scaled for our future energy consumption because we expect production to increase in the coming years. This makes Simply Chocolate energy self-sufficient on sunny days.

Energy-neutral transportation
The system means we will lower our CO2 emissions with an amount comparable to 25 private household’s annual energy consumption. At the same time, we’re working with our chocolate supplier to ensure that our freight from Belgium to Copenhagen will become 100% energy-neutral. According to our plan we’ll reach this goal in 2025.
All this make us feel so much better—and we also believe it’s something that makes our chocolates taste even better too.

July 21. 2020